Crown Restoration Procedures Which Are Performed During a Tree Service

Restoring Your Tree’s Crown Is a Must

Trees are living organisms. It’s important to take care of them, especially if you have a large tree in your yard or garden. You may see that the lower branches of your tree have been damaged by ice or snow, causing them to droop down toward the ground and blocking light from reaching the top of the tree. It’s important to keep a good eye on your tree’s health, and hiring an expert is best for having them maintained regularly. Here are crown restoration procedures that a performed during a tree service booked in your area.

Tree Inspection

Experts will inspect your tree for any issues. This may include damaged limbs and dead branches, as well as competing branches that could be causing problems for the crown. It’s also important to look at your tree from all angles, so you can see if there are any other problems such as an overgrown base or overcrowded canopy.

Remove Damaged Limbs

If experts notice any broken limbs in your tree, they will have to remove them. If a branch has been damaged or broken, it won’t be able to support the weight of the tree and could cause more damage to your tree as it grows. Dead or rotting branches should also be removed. Rotten wood will cause fungal infections on your tree’s roots, which can lead to decay and even death of your plant over time if not treated quickly enough.

Trimming the Lowest Crown Branches

Trimming back the lowest branches will create a more natural shape. If you have a tree with a shallow crown, an expert can trim back the lowest branches to help create more space between them and the ground. This will also help prevent drying out of your plant roots and optimize their health, as well as prevent them from catching fire when it’s windy out.

The key to a healthy tree is to check them regularly for any signs of stress or damage. If you seek professional help with your trees in the Hampton, VA area, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ashe Tree Removal & Stump Grinding for a professional tree service in your residence. Call us at (757) 335-4186 today!