Beyond Tree Trimming and Removal: We Also Offer Firewood and Free Wood Chips!

Property owners in Hampton, VA know that they can rely on Ashe Tree Removal & Stump Grinding when they need help with trimming their trees and removing those that are dead or dying. However, we don’t just specialize in tree removal and trimming — we also offer free wood chips that can be used as firewood or for any other purpose! Learn more about this offer by getting in touch with us today.

Using Wood Chips to Improve Your Garden

If you’re wondering if getting free wood chips is worth it, the answer is always “Yes”. This comes from the fact that there are dozens of ways to make use of wood chips in and around your home. You can put them in your compost pile to make them more nutrient-rich, or you can layer them in the soil with organic materials to create new growing areas in your garden. You can also apply wood chips as mulching to your lawn and plant beds to insulate them from temperature fluctuations and keep soil moisture at the right level. When used properly, wood chip mulching can even keep weeds at bay!

Creating Beautiful Hardscaping with Wood Chips

You might not realize it, but wood chips can be an excellent hardscaping material. You can use them to create natural pathways in your front yard and backyard and improve the functionality and appearance of your outdoor space. If you’ve installed playground equipment in your yard, you can spread wood chips around them to create a beautiful ground cover.

Wood Chips: The Ideal Heating Fuel?

Wood chips are a great option if you’re looking for a fuel that comes from sustainable wood waste products and has a lower impact on the environment. And they’re not just environmentally friendly; wood chips are also cost-effective, and they burn efficiently and can provide a steady and uniform flow of fuel.

Reach Out to Our Team

Ashe Tree Removal & Stump Grinding is the right company to call if you’d like to get free wood chips. Dial (757) 335-4186 to know more about our firewood and wood chip offers and get additional info about our tree trimming and removal services in Hampton, VA!