How to Identify the Kind of Trees around You

Knowledge by Tree Service Specialists

What do you do when you are out in the forest and have no covering to ask a tree service provider about the kind of trees that surround you? Here is what…

The leaves are generally flat, thin and broad. This is how they intercept light for photosynthesis and give the gases a chance to enter or leave the leaf.

Its flat surface is dubbed the leaf blade, and you might notice that the top surface is quite often different than the bottom one. They may vary in colors or the fact that the top may have “hair” while the bottom will lack it.

The margin of the leaf is its edge, and it is one of the most usual ways to recognize a tree. They may be straight, toothed or lobbed like the Oak tree leaves.

The leaf arrangement can also give you a hint to what the tree you are looking at is. The shoots and twigs of the tree may have a different layout for the leaves, and you can determine the tree by acknowledging the specific way the leaves are arranged or if they occur in pairs.

Pairs of buds may be set at right angles to each other, which means that the arrangement is common for the Horse Chestnut tree. The birch and Beech are recognized by singly and alternately arranged leaves.

The bark on some of the more mature trees is a feature that can also give you a lot of hints on its kind. It protects the underlying tissues from exterior damage and consists of dead cells recognized by their color and texture.

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