The Ultimate Tree Transplanting Guide

An Experienced Tree Contractor

Offers Step-by-Step Explanation on How to Transplant a Young Tree

Although transplanting trees may seem a pretty straightforward task for some, we assure you that the task itself requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. Young trees are extremely vulnerable, especially in their first years, and because of this, many of them won’t survive the operation. Your best option is to hire a professional tree contractor

and let them do the transplant for you. Another option is to just follow this guide.

Choose the right location

Before you start any physical work, take the time to do some research about your tree. Does it like sun or shade? What are its watering requirements? How would the tree look when matured? All these questions must be answered prior to the transplant operation. Based on the answers you find, you will be able lo determine the right location for your tree. Make sure that it’s not too close to your house or other buildings or structures. Avoid planting trees on top (or in close proximity) to your underground sewer system. For more information on how to choose the right location for your tree, consider consulting an arborist.

Dig up a hole

As a rule of thumb, the hole must be twice the size of the diameter of the root ball. In order to determine the width of your tree’s root ball, you may have to do some exploratory digging. Make sure that you don’t dig too deep. Also try to resist the temptation to break the soil on the bottom of the whole. Many people think that this may help the roots to penetrate the soil, unfortunately, what really happens is that the tree will sink deeper into the ground.

Dig out your tree

The main rule is to keep as much of the root ball intact as possible. However, the older the tree, the wider the roots are spread out. This means that you won’t be able to save all roots. Once you’ve removed enough soil from around the root ball, slip a shovel underneath it and lift the tree up. Then place it in the new hole and start covering with soil.

Water frequently

Make sure that you tap the soil around the tree trunk so that it forms a dam. This will keep water close to the tree roots. Watering is very important for the first year, so make sure that you water your tree properly.

You can avoid all this trouble by simply hiring a tree contractor